Analysis, not administration

Most BAs are using tools that exacerbate communication problems and introduce significant risks into project delivery.  In this two part series we explore the reasons why existing BA Tools are failing.

Part 1 - The failure of MS Word as a BA Tool

Part 2 - The failure of Requirements Management Tools

Great requirements,
great results

Yonix helps you:

  •   Deliver great requirements
  •   Keep your team on the same page
  •   Save time
  •   Collaborate
  •   Stay in control

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    Valerie Beetham - Business Analyst - KiwiRail

Different by design,
built by BAs for BAs

Everything you need to do a great job in one place. 

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  • tick.gif Requirements Management
  • tick.gif Collaborative Documents
  • tick.gif Versioning and Traceability
  • tick.gif Team Collaboration
  • tick.gif Process Templates
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What is Yonix?

Yonix is a powerful stakeholder collaboration and communications platform ideal for producing requirement documents, RFP and other documents that require high-levels of stakeholder engagement and collaboration.  Designed by Business Analysts for Business Analysts,  Yonix has taken the time to understand and address the challenges in delivering great requirements.  The intuitive design empowers BA’s to amplify their abilities without fundamentally changing the way they work.  Other software tools do not support the BA process and require a paradigm shift for BA’s who use MS Word to capture, manage and communicate requirements.  Yonix facilitates an agile and collaborative approach to requirements.

Yonix enables a higher level of engagement because team members can be invited to contribute, discuss ideas, resolve conflicts and get valuable feedback all in one cohesive platform.  The dynamic collaboration features allows BA’s to support requirements with images and documents to increase clarity and group cohesion.  Reviewing and validating requirements is made easy because stakeholders can simultaneously access and review requirements, content and documents relevant to their role.  Documents and requirements can be published, versioned and shared online or exported to MS Word at the click of a button.  The unique template creation feature allows users to reuse templates documents, requirements and stakeholders stored in Yonix’s libraries.

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