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The statistics of project failure, particularly in the Information Technology space are staggering.
  1. 75% of US projects are considered failures with 50% of projects delivered 200% over budgetGartner Group
  2. 50% of software projects in Australia are still failing, with botched, re-scoped and cancelled projects wasting around A$197,000 per week - Computerworld 2008
  3. Software errors cost the US economy US$59.5 billion annually - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  4. Globally, the cost of IT project failures reaches US$6.2 trillion a year - Sarah Runge, author of Stop Blaming the Software
In 2008 Jody Bullen was a practicing Business Analyst with 10 years’ experience and about to receive Computerworld’s prestigious BA of the year award.
He felt that while business analysis was crucial to project success, BA’s themselves weren’t being enabled by the tools in the market and were subsequently using tools that were not dedicated to their needs resulting in inefficiencies and administration overload.
The statistics, some of the early research above, was staggering & not only frustrating to the BA, but without effective information and requirements management, communication and deep stakeholder engagement there was significant risk to project delivery.
Jody wanted to make a difference, so in 2008 Yonix was created, targeting business projects which include a large element of software, and so the quest to help BA’s progress team capability, processes, consistency, requirements and improve overall outcomes began.
In case you are wondering Yonix doesn’t mean anything in another language or harbour a hidden message we wanted a clean canvas, a name that we could create our own brand for so in our world Yonix stands for a tool built by BA’s for BA’s, simple as that.

With this in mind our goals for Yonix are:

  1. Create a tool that is a viable alternative to MS Word, Excel and the legacy requirements management tools.
  2. Foster collaboration, make it easy to share and involve parts of the business that are crucial to the project
  3. Improve team capability, processes, consistency and overall outcomes
  4. Remove barriers to communication and make it easily accessible from anywhere
  5. Above all else it must maintain being built by BA’s for BA’s

    Four years on Yonix continues to hold these values at its core while we develop our product and passionately work with Enterprises worldwide to provide a tool specific to BA’s that fosters collaboration, reduces administration and can overall help reduce the statistics of IT project failure. 

    Our Values

    These are the shared values, principles and behaviour that Yonix follows:

    Energy, confidence, drive and motivation – we set our course and go for it, inspiring confidence through our high energy approach, drive and momentum.

    Trust, honesty, integrity and reliability – our word is our bond, we keep our promises and operate with honesty and integrity, even when no one is looking.

    Credible and professional – we present a professional image at all times, we go above and beyond, we are hardworking, producing quality work. 

    High standards, efficiency – we take pride in everything we do, setting high standards that we strive to exceed. We do it once and do it right.

    Adaptable and Agile – we are responsive to fast changing environments and situations facing us and our customers.

    Balance, health and family – we work hard, play hard and succeed.  We value our relationships with staff, suppliers and customers and in turn their health, vitality and quality of life.

    Senior Management

    Jody Bullen – CEO

    Jody has extensive experience delivering successful complex business and software projects in various industries both in NZ and the UK. As the founder, Jody is a key driving force behind Yonix. He was awarded Computerworld New Zealand Business Analyst of the Year in 2009.  Jody is an active member and thought leader within the Business Analyst community, and has presented in New Zealand and internationally.

    Robert Lockerd – Strategy and Operations

    Robert has spent 25 years working with technology start-up companies in the US.  In his previous position, Robert was the Head of Product Strategy and Development for Works.com.  Within three years, Works.com progressed from product conception to managing over USD$1bn of transactions.  Robert also assisted in the acquisition and integration of Works.com by Bank of America in 2005.

    Steve Davey – Marketing

    Steve is an experienced marketing and product manager with success in developing the right product and marketing mix to achieve business growth.


    Bob Forgan

    Bob is an experienced business consultant across a variety of project and programme management roles. He has proven expertise in all aspects of systems development, with a particular passion for ensuring that technology provides benefit to businesses.

    Stuart Godwin

    Stuart has extensive experience delivering business and technology solutions across a variety of public and private sector industries. He also has expertise in the use and application of frameworks and methodologies to support strategy development and programme / project management.

    Craig Morrison

    Craig is an application architect and developer with broad experience of Microsoft’s development platform. He has extensive experience of consulting with clients in many different industries with vastly different technology infrastructure assisting them through technical problems using his broad experience in Architecture and Application Development on the Microsoft Stack.

    Michael Elwood-Smith

    Michael is Business Strategist at CreativeHQ, Wellington's business incubator with 20+ years experience in building high-growth, high-value technology businesses from startup to international markets.