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Some frequently asked questions...

What is the Community Edition?
The Community Edition is a fully-featured edition of Yonix for you and 5 read-only business stakeholders. It has been designed to help you be a better and more productive BA, by providing you with the tools to easily manage and share collaborative requirements and projects within your organization.

Why is it free?
As practicing BA’s, we are frustrated with the lack of tools that truly support the way we work as business analysts. We are passionate about providing BA’s with the right tools and we don’t want anything to get in the way of that, which is why Yonix is completely free for you.

How does Yonix make money if it’s free?
The Community Edition is free for you. Team Editions designed for more than one BA are available, allowing for wider collaboration and productivity. We’re confident that you will love Yonix so much that you will introduce it to your team. The more people using Yonix, the more value you will recieve.

What is the difference between the Community Edition and the Team Edition?
There is no difference in the features available in the various editions of the product. The Community Edition is designed to be used by a single BA/content manager; where as our Team Editions are designed to be used by more than one BA/content manager. Our different Team Editions allow you and your organization to collaborate with more stakeholders than you can with our Community Edition.  Visit our Team Editions page to learn more!

Does the Community Edition contain advertising?
No, there are no advertisements in the Community Edition.

How long will the Community Edition be offered for free?
Our intention is to continue to offer the Community Edition to you at no cost

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